The Yale Club of Southern Arizona

The Yale Club has a very active program open to all alumni, their families and friends.  Our First Friday Speaker-Lunches are the bedrock of our entire Program.  They are held each month, from October to April, at the landmarked Arizona Inn in central Tucson and feature top-notch Speakers covering the fields of history, culture, technology and the arts.  We also open our programs to the Ivy Plus network, so you are certain to meet like-minded people.  The food is excellent, the company is great and the price is right -- $30 per person.
The annual program also includes the Yale-Harvard Game party, a holiday brunch, the Annual Diner, a Day of Service and three Summer lunches.

For more information, please contact:

Marianne Kaestle, Communications Director, 520 344-9023

Paul Kaestle, President , 917 748-8735

Jere Michael, Treasurer, 520 749-0771